Jeffery Lyle Segal
Below are  just a few of the medical and beauty professionals who trust their clientele to me.
Diana Grassfield, Skin Deep Medical Spa (under the direction of Dr. Steven Bloch)

As manager of the medispa where I see my North Suburban Chicago area clients, Diana has seen a lot of my work since 2007.  She also trusted me enough to do her brows.
Julia Morel, Aesthetician, Skin Deep Medical Spa

Julia is a lovely young woman who had asymmetrical brows, which I corrected with permanent cosmetics.  Of course, she trusts her clients to me now, too!
Shelley Heard, Aesthetician, East Bank Club, Chicago, IL

Shelley is both a client and  and a leading aesthetician at Chicago's most prestigious sports and exercise facility.  She had badly done permanent brows by another technician which I successfully corrected. 
Karen Peterik, New Life Hair, Chicago, IL

Karen came to me as an alopecia client with blotchy eyeliner and purple eyebrows, done badly by another permanent makeup artist.  It took a long time to correct those purple brows to cool blonde.  But now she's looking her beautiful best, and trusts me to make sure her clients wearing vacuum pieces by  Freedom Hair of New Zealand look the same.  

Other leading hair replacement professionals who confidently refer their clients to me include:

Jon Fortgang, New Hair Technology, NY, NY
Jan  Boerman, Naturally Yours, Willowbrook,  IL
Barbara and Amy Goldberg, Hair Response, Arlington Heights, IL
Belinda, A Woman's Place, Naperville, IL
Diane Smith, Options, Arlington Heights, IL
Richelle Ciluffo, Owner, The Spa on Oak, Chicago, IL

Oak Street is where Chicago's elite go to shop, and Richelle Ciluffo at The Spa on Oak is a leading aesthetician who keeps their faces beautiful.  She trusted me to do her lips, eyes and brows with permanent makeup, and it transformed her appearance. 
Zahra Hashemian, Eyebrow Sculpture at Dr. Howard Sobel's Skin & Spa, New York, NY

Working with the Upper East Side clients of one of New York's top dermatologists, Zahra trusts both her clients and her own brows to my permanent makeup skills. 

I am well known in the medical community as the man to see for permanent makeup.  Among the leading doctors who regularly trust their patients to me are:

Dr. Steven Bloch, Cosmetic Surgeon,  Skin Deep Medical Spa
Dr.  James M. Platis, Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. John Rachel,  Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Gary Churchill, Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Howard Sobel, Dermatologist -  Dr. Sobel's Skin and Spa
Dr. Michael Howard, Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Karol Gutowski, Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Michael Epstein, Cosmetic Surgeon
Hair Replacement Professionals
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