Permanent Makeup
Jeffery Lyle Segal
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healed result after three visits
Full lip color makes your lips look prettier at any age, and more youthful as you get older.  Colors may be as soft as your own natural color, or brighter, as you desire.  But permanent lip color should  look soft, and not necessarily replace all the lip color you may ever wear.
two different healed results  -- a  barely there, "natural" pink and a more "lipstick" pink
A darker outline and rounded shape makes lips look their fullest with or without injectible fillers.   All lip enhancements on this page were done with ONLY permanent cosmetics.    Permanent makeup, with or without injectible fillers, makes lips look fuller,  adds definition, improves shape,  corrects asymmetry, restores color to depigmented border, and  ,  and enhances color overall, whereas fillers alone only add volume. 
healed result after three visits
Eyes and brows are typically completed in two visits.  Full lip color almost always requires three applications to build up the neccessary color density, especially if your lips are fuller and more vascular naturally.  In a small number of cases, a fourth visit may be required.  But it is the progressive application of conservative color which creates the most natural results.