Permanent Makeup
Jeffery Lyle Segal
Hairstroke or Feathered Brows
Beautiful eyes only look their  best with well shaped and placed  brows.  The appearance of sparse or missing brows can be naturally restored with hairlike permanent makeup. 
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Old work by another technician
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One time healed result
Many technicians approach brow simulation as a solid block of color.    Sometimes a client just wants a field of color behind the hairs of her own brows, like a powdered shadow.  But  it always looks more natural when the color is applied in hairlike, individual strokes in the direction of natural growth.  it's particularly important to be able to to this well when the client has no natural hair to blend with the tattooing.   

This browless client had permanent cosmetic brows done by another technician. The result was  flat, solid, too round, and too thin.  I tattooed over the old work to create a brow which was wider towards the nose, better shaped, naturally tapered, and more hairlike in appearance.  

This is how the brow looked immediately after I finished correcting it.  Notice how little redness there is around the brow area.  This is what can be achieved with good machinery, good technique, epinephrine enhanced anesthetics,  post care with low level laser light therapy...
and the right artistry in design!

Brow correction by Jeffery Lyle Segal