Permanent Makeup 
Jeffery Lyle Segal
Microbladed and Microstroked Brows
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Many technicians with older training approach brow simulation as a solid block of color.  Today, we can created a graded, powdered shadow look in what we call the "Ombre brow", which looks nicer.     

But  it always looks most realistic when the color is applied in hairlike, individual strokes in the direction of natural growth, and most brow clients today request that look.  A background color can be added behind the hair strokes to make the brow look smoother but still retain a natural sense of texture.    it's particularly important to be able to to this well when the client has no natural hair to blend with the tattooing.    

Often, clients present asymmetrical or patchy brows, which require shaping before tattooing, and corrective design.  That's why it's important to choose a technician who is an accomplished makeup artist, and who can design the right brows for your face.  

Today, everyone asks for microblading, which is a hair by hair simulation done with a manual tool instead of the tattoo machine. But a comparable result can be obtained by tattooing individual hair strokes with an ultra fine needle and the digital tattoo machine in a process we call "digital microstroking."  

Some skins are not suitable for microblading because they are too thin or vascular, and will bleed too much. Microblading too often can also increase risk of scar formation.  Using the digital microstroking process, or another manual process called the Softap method, to reinforce color and do touch ups, rather than microblading repeatedly, is often done today in what we advanced practitioners  call the "combined technique."   

The industry has recently been  flooded with  undertrained microbladers who only have taken a two day course in microblading and know nothing about cosmetic tattoo in general.  They cannot offer the combined technique, or any machine alternative to clients who are not candidates for microblading.  That's why its very important to choose an educated and experienced practitioner who can service your particular needs.    


Sparse, missing, patchy, or asymmetrical brows can be made naturally beautiful with hairlike strokes of permanent cosmetic color.  Whether done by microblading with a manual tool, microstroking with the digital machine, or Soft Tapping, brows today can look much more natural than every before.
In most cases, older, solid brows can have hairlike color restored with a combination of microblading, microstroking, Soft Tapping, occasionally with the lightening or removal of old color first.