Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder which makes you lose hair on your face, head, and/or body.

Clients without brows and lashes struggle to maintain a normal appearance with regular makeup. it runs, it smears, it gets in your eyes, and it comes off on friends and family.  Permanent makeup can change all that. 

How you feel about your appearance is as important as how you look.   Alopecia clients often say they feel they look "alien" or "bug eyed" without brows and lashes. Permanent makeup by Jeffery Lyle Segal will make you look and feel like yourself again.  Listen to these clients tell you about their permanent makeup experience.

But don't forget that permanent makeup results depend on the taste and talent of the person you choose to apply your permanent makeup.  Choose wisely!

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Permanent Makeup 
Jeffery Lyle Segal
Before I apply your permanent makeup, I  will use regular cosmetics to simulate just how your permanent makeup should look when it's healed.  Only when we are agreed about shape, color and placement, will I do anything permanent. I have a whole range of natural looking hair colors to choose from.  I apply color in individual hairlike strokes which gives both brows and lasheline a natural looking texture.  

I never use too much or too dark a color at one time.  So you always go out looking natural and beautiful.  Every time you heal you will lose a certain amount of surface color.  It will build in the healed skin after every application.  it will take two, and occasionally three, visits a month apart to complete the procedure.  Then, I'll see you typically every 9-15 months to refresh your color.   Lighter colors and more subtle applications fade faster than darker, heavier ones.  There is a trade off between subtlety and longevity.     But by progressively building the color to achieve the most natural results, and then maintaining it with periodic refresher sessions as needed, your permanent makeup will always look its most beautiful -- and so will you!

Microblading for alopecia
Microblading is a hair by hair simulation of missing brow hair which looks extremely natural. Microblading is done with a manual tool, which makes fine slits, like little paper cuts,  in the surface of the skin, into which color is placed.  The result is a fine, hairlike simulation.  But this can also be accomplished  with special, fine, single needles and the digital Nouveau Contour machine.  Some skins do better with one type of implantation of color or the other.  I always have both available in my office, to provide my clients with the service they need.  
Eyelash Simulation
I believe that I was the first technician to tattoo simulated eyelashes directly onto the lids of my alopecia clients, and I still am the only one I know personally who does this.  From the front, this gives the illusion of a natural lash line.  It requires a well anesthetized client, and a very steady hand to do...but it's worth it.  By tattooing into the wet tissue beneath the old lash line,  it also eliminates the "bug eyed" look,  which bothers all my clients.